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Make Nine 2020

One of my favourite things about sewing my own clothes is that I can get clothes that actually fit me. Plus, I can put pockets on everything. The more I make myself, the harder I find it to buy ready to wear clothes. More often than not I think to myself “I could make that” and put it back on the rail. I have so many plans of things I want to make, but often life gets in the way and they remain unmade. I have seen people refer to their #makenine but have never actually done my own. Which is kind of stupid really, given that I am the queen of multiple WIPs and have the concentration span of a goldfish. This morning I read Little T’s post about her plans for the year, and I was inspired to write my own make nine 2020 list.

Ginger Jeans

Last year my Me Made May challenge of wearing a complete me made outfit each week highlighted the fact that I don’t make clothes for the bottom half of my body. I immediately went and bought the Ginger Jeans pattern and everything I need to make myself a pair of lovely jeans. Nine months on I haven’t even cut the fabric. Shameful. I put it down to my fear of zips.

My friend has made a pair for herself, and has promised to hold my hand while I make mine. I will conquer my fear and have a pair of jeans by May. Hopefully.

A copy of the Ginger Jeans sewing pattern on top of some denim fabric
Ness Skirt

In accordance with my mission to make myself clothes for my bottom half, I decided I absolutely need a denim skirt in my wardrobe. I also figured that it might be a good way of practising a zip fly before I make the jeans. Cue the Ness Skirt. I have enough denim left over from my apron dress (which I wear almost constantly by the way) so this may well be the first of my make nine 2020 to be ticked off. Watch this space.

Gin O’Clock Cardigan

For a while I toyed with the idea of doing a make nine for sewing and a separate one for crochet. But then I figured that that kind of defeats the object. I started the Gin O’Clock Cardigan last June and I am ashamed to say that I have only completed the back and half of one front. I did say that I have the attention span of a goldfish.

I am determined to finish it though because it is such a great pattern and I love the colour.

A purple ball of yarn and some crochet with a crochet hook that will become a gin o'clock cardigan
Long Sleeved Cuppa Tee

Made By Jack’s Mum is one of my favourite pattern designers. In fact it was her patterns that really got me into sewing for my kids. My family’s homemade wardrobe is pretty much all MBJM.

Last summer I made myself two cuppa tees, both short sleeved. Since making my apron dress I have realised that I need some more long sleeved t-shirts. I have fabric already allocated to this pattern, so this should be an easy tick off the make nine 2020 list.

Ivy Pinafore

In case you hadn’t picked up the clues, I love a pinafore. Basically I am a five year old trapped in a grown up body. I’m ashamed to say that I bought the Ivy Pinafore pattern about two years ago, and have yet to make it. I even have the fabric ready – a remnant I found in my mum’s loft of fabric she used to make me a dress from when I was small.

A tartan fabric in shades of red and grey

Leggings are such a staple of my wardrobe, but sadly the shop bought ones I have are starting to need replacing. I haven’t yet decided on a pattern, so if anyone can recommend one I’d be very grateful!

Apron Dress

I think I might have mentioned it, but I am completely in love with my Apron Dress. I’m not counting that as one of my make nine 2020, because I really want to make another one. Since I made it two weeks ago I have only not worn it when I have run out of long sleeved t-shirts (see Cuppa Tee above) or it needs washing. It is made from denim which is great for this time of year, but I think I may need a lightweight one for the summer. I’m thinking perhaps a linen.


Ok, this is a bit of a cheat, as it is more than one make. I keep all my decent sized scraps of fabric to make underwear for the family. Slowly I am replacing all of our pants with home made ones. In the autumn I made myself a Brazi bra which is the most comfy (and colourful) one I own. I definitely need more.


The one part of my wardrobe that has yet to have any hand made items added to it is my sock drawer. I have some crochet patterns and a yarn stash that is crying out to be used. I have also discovered some sewing patterns for socks, which may be another good way of using up my scraps. I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

So, that is my Make Nine 2020 list. I hope it will help focus my mind when it comes to sewing for me and my family. If I manage to make all nine, it will certainly plug some gaps in my me made wardrobe. Have you made a make nine list? What do you plan to make in 2020?