meet rosie

Hi. I’m Rosie, founder and creative genius *ahem* behind Rosie and Bright.

I have two kids, a husband and a dog who keep me pretty busy.

I taught myself to crochet and sew a few years ago, and I discovered that I loved making pretty things for my family and my home. It soon turned into my way of relaxing after a busy day.

I have a thing for pretty yarn and fabric, and can’t resist it when I see it. Sometimes my husband points out that I do not need any more of either, but mostly he is just resigned to the fact that our house resembles a haberdashery store.

Rosie and Bright was started in 2016 in a bid to focus my creativity and make a dent on the stash. I create pretty things for you and your home, from bunting to baby blankets. I am always on the look out for new items to make, so the shop is always evolving. That’s the joy of being creative – everything is possible.

I’m a social media addict, and you can find me on Facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest. Please come and say hi! I welcome custom orders, so if there is something you would like making don’t hesitate to get in touch.