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Me Made May 2022 week three

Me Made May 2022 week three has been a particular challenge. I was asked a week ago to go on the school residential after another member of staff had to pull out. Packing my suitcase last weekend was interesting – I haven’t really made many clothes suitable for outdoor persuits. Maybe this is something I need to rectify? Anyhoo, here’s what I wore…

Sunday May 15th

I decided to start the week with a full me made outfit to put me in with a fighting chance of achieving my target. My trusty lander shorts and a coco top.

Monday May 16th

We had a very early start and a four hour coach journey, so I knew I needed something comfortable. I decided to wear my brand new Blanc t shirt. It was such an easy sew and I love the shape of the tshirt. There will definitely be more in my furture.

Tuesday May 17th

Today I wore my lovely mustard Driftwood Dolman. It is one of my favourite jumpers.

Wednesday May 18th

Today we headed to the beach for some climbing and rockpooling. I wore my rainbow cuppa tee which means that this t-shirt has made an appearance every week so far.

Thursday May 19th

Today saw another Driftwood Dolman – this time my teal one. I love the rainbow ribbing that I used for the bands. Rainbows are definitely a huge feature in my me made wardrobe!

Friday May 20th

Heading home today required extra comfort. The residential has been amazing but as always, super tiring. My shark hot coffee hoody was perfect for comfort on the journey home.

Saturday May 21st

Another full me made outfit to finish the week – my neon rainbow Beachcomber and some peg legs.

The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that I have, in fact, only worn two fully me made outfits this week. At least during the day time. I managed to hit my target of four me made outfits this week by including my pyjamas. One set while I was away, the other when I got home and slept in my own bed. Bliss! Both are walk the plank bottoms with a driftwood dolman t-shirt.

Pyjamas totally count as an outfit so I declare me made may 2022 week three a success. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to catch up on some sleep.

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