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Latest make: Lander Pants

Way back in May I found a pattern that I liked the look of for some shorts ready for summer. But then the summer got eaten up by home schooling, and any sewing that happened was for the kids who kept insisting on growing out of the clothes they already had. Tsk. It may have taken me five months, but I’m pleased to say I can now share my latest make: Lander Pants.

Last Thursday I had my first full day at home alone since the beginning of March. I planned to spend it sewing something for me, and thought it might be about time to tackle the Ginger jeans that I have been putting off for 18 months. My friend (who has made some already) convinced me that I should go for it. When I went to bed on Wednesday evening I was all set for sewing some jeans the next day and ticking off one of my Make Nine.

Once Thursday came though, I decided that I wanted to make something that didn’t scare me quite so much. I opted instead for the Lander Pants pattern I bought in the summer. I figured that it would be a good warm up for tackling the ginger jeans another day when I am feeling braver.

The make

This was the first time I have used a pattern from True Bias, and the instructions were really easy to follow. Even the tricky bits. If I am honest, sewing a zip fly scares the bejeezus out of me, which is what is putting me off sewing the ginger jeans. The button fly on these shorts was much more appealing. Plus I got to use my new buttonhole cutter. It. Is. Amazing.

Because this was my first time using the pattern, I didn’t tweak anything. I used some stretch denim from Pound Fabrics (the same stuff I used for my Apron Dress). The only thing I changed was the belt loops. I decided not to do them as I never wear belts, so it seemed a waste of time and fabric.

The verdict

I think I am in love. Usually I find woven patterns a bit tedious with all the ironing of seams involved, but sewing these shorts was a real pleasure. I think they took me four hours, including tracing the pattern and cutting the fabric.

These shorts are so comfy to wear. High waist trousers/shorts are not something I usually go for. I have a really short body and stupidly long legs, so I have always gone for low rise jeans to try and balance it all out. The Lander Pants have slightly changed my mind though. The high waist is super comfy and hides the mum tum nicely.

Rosie proudly wearing her latest make: Lander Pants (short version)

The pockets, both front and back, are big enough to actually be useful. I love the lining I chose for the front pockets.

This pair of Lander Pants will be worn a lot over the winter with tights and boots, but they will also work in the summer with flip flops.

I have already planned a corduroy pair, possibly two. I wonder how many pairs I can make before I feel brave enough to tackle the jeans? Place your bets now…


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