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Make Nine 2020 Update

Way back at the end of January I wrote my Make Nine list for 2020. Writing the list was a brilliant way for me to focus my mind on projects I really want to do, even though we all know that I will very easily be distracted and find other things that I absolutely, definitely need to do instead. A couple of weeks after writing my list, I actually got on and ticked off my first make. It has, however, taken me two whole months to sit down and write the make nine 2020 update. But this isn’t a Write Nine challenge so I think I’ll let myself off.

Make Nine 2020: Make 1

The first tick off my list was a long sleeved Cuppa Tee. In the past I have struggled to find a t-shirt pattern that I like – they are either too baggy or too tight. Last summer I was lucky enough to pattern test the Cuppa Tee for MBJM and, it turns out, this t-shirt really is the perfect one for me. There are multiple sleeve and hem options which means that this is going to become a very well used pattern in our house.

I decided to make the curved hem so I can choose to wear my new top under pinafores or with jeans.

I’ve only made the short sleeved version before now, so was not sure how the full sleeve length would be for me. I stuck to the pattern as it was my first attempt at long sleeves. They’re just too short for my liking, but not so much as I can’t wear my new top. I am 5’9″ and next time I will add an inch or two to the sleeves. Other than that I am really happy with my new long-sleeved cuppa tee. Especially seeing as it goes so well with my Apron Dress.

I’ll be back to bore you write another make nine 2020 update soon, because despite the lack of blogging, there has been plenty of making afoot.

Stay safe!

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