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Me Made May 2022 week two

Me Made May 2022 week two was a proper mixed bag. One day was baking hot, the next it was like February again. It means that I am properly testing out my entire me made wardrobe though, so I am not complaining! I am already starting to weed out the items that I forget about until Me Made May comes round again. I plan to see if I can repurpose them into things that I will wear, or if not pass them on to someone who will enjoy them. Most of the things that I am removing are from the very start of my sewing journey, and simply no longer fit with my style.

However, there are lots of items that I do wear regularly. Without further ado, let’s see what I wore during Me Made May 200 week two.

Sunday May 8th

Today was properly like summer. We spent most of the day in the garden getting ready for the warmer weather and throwing stuff in the skip that arrived in the week. So therapeutic! I wore my lander pants and a spoxxy tank top.

Monday May 9th

My apron dress is one of the most worn items in my wardrobe. It works equally with tights and boots in winter as it does with a t-shirt and converse in the summer. Today I paired it with one of my many cuppa tees.

Tuesday May 10th

This Bertha cardigan (from Tilly and the Buttons book Make it Simple) is always a hit at school. I haven’t worn it much recently, but it is definitely a keeper.

Wednesday May 11th

Today I wore my third fully me made outfit of the week – another rainbow beachcomber and some peg leg leggings. The peg legs pattern is briliant – and it’s free!

Thursday May 12th

Today I wore my one and only crocheted item of clothing. I made this Granny Go Round jumper last year and I wear it a lot. I want to make another one, but it is so much quicker to sew one. Anyhoo, it is a regular partner with my super basic tank top.

Friday May 13th

When I got up this morning it was grey and gloomy. It’s my daughter’s birthday so I decided to brighten the day up with my sparkly Indigo dress. Trouble is, by the afternoon the sun was out and I was melting. Note to self: check the forecast before getting dressed.

Saturday May 14th

I was part of the test for the Waves and Wild Kinjarling dress earlier this year. I made it in a gorgeous double gauze and it is the perfect dress for the warm weather we had today. Because I am lazy I chose not to do either of the waist tie options when I was making it. I think I might add one to just give a little more shape. It has pockets though, so it’s definitely a winner.

I declare Me Made May 2022 week two a rip roaring success. I somehow managed to miscount and ended up wearing a whopping five me made outfits. This makes me super happy. Next week may be trickier though, as I am away on school residential. Funnily enough I haven’t really made many clothes that are suitable for abseiling and rock climbing. I’ll let you know in a week how I get on!

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