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Sushi Socks: Make Nine 2020

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One of my Make Nine 2020 goals is to make some socks. Crocheted or sewn, it doesn’t matter, I just felt that this was a gap in my me made wardrobe that I could easily fill. I started to crochet some socks last year, and huge surprise I got half way through the first sock before switching my attention to some other pressing project. Anyhoo, a week and a half into lockdown, I decided I needed a quick make, just to focus my mind on something other than what is going on in the world right now. Cue: Sushi Socks. Because, who doesn’t need sushi socks in their life?

I have had some amazing sushi fabric for a while, and had been planning to make myself a top from it. My nine year old, however, had different ideas, and decided to make herself a top from it as part of a Cub badge. That will teach me to procrastinate. I am a little bit proud that she’s turning into a chip off the old block though.

Luckily for me, my nine year old isn’t that big so there is some of the fabric left. I decided I would be quick and make myself some sushi socks with the leftovers before anyone else nabbed it.

I found the Sew It Forward Sock Pattern from Ellie and Mac which looked perfect. Plus it is a free pattern, so what’s not to like? It includes kids and adults sizes, so one day I might make the whole family some socks. But right now, it is all about me and my sushi socks.

homemade sushi socks: green socks with comic style sushi printed on

This was just what I needed – a really quick, easy and satisfying make, and a great scrap buster to boot. The perfect distraction to homeschooling and global pandemics.

Stay safe out there.


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