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Pattern Test: A Bespoke Doggie Jumper

My dog doesn’t shed so has his haircut regularly (more regularly than me!). He always makes me feel guilty when he comes out and shivers. I’ve alway said that I should make him a jumper, but never quite got round to it. Earlier this year, just before he was due to have his hair done, the lovely Ele was looking for people to pattern test a bespoke doggie jumper. I obviously took this as a sign and volunteered The Dog’s services.

I was properly excited to make this bespoke doggie jumper – it gets me one step closer to making an actual crochet item of clothing for me. This will happen one day… I chose to use some Stylecraft Special Chunky that I had in my stash and a 5mm hook.

Ele has provided a great formula for working out the sizing based on your own dog, whatever their size. Once I had the basic measurements I had to tweak the actual crochet a couple of times but soon got going. It worked up super fast, but unfortunately it turned out that I didn’t have quite enough of the orange yarn. After much debate throughout the family, we decided to use some blue to finish the jumper. I also chose not to do the leg straps as he only has a short body.

A fluffy dog trying on a crochet bespoke doggie jumper for size

The finished jumper makes me think of a Weasley jumper and it makes me smile. The kids want ones to match, but that will probably have to wait a while.

a small fluffy jumper wearing a crochet bespoke doggie jumper

Ele has just released the free pattern, just in time for unseasonal snow in April. It’s a super quick and easy project, and a great way to use up stash yarn. I love this bespoke doggie jumper, and it certainly helps keep The Dog warm when his hair has been cut. I think he will get another couple for next winter, and he may even get some extra wear out of it before summer finally decides to come along.

a small dog wearing a crochet jumper sleeping on a bed

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