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Me Made May 2020 week two

Another week has gone by in a blur of wondering what day of the week it actually is. A bank holiday on the wrong day of the week didn’t help, but at least the sun has been shining. Here is a round up of our Me Made May 2020 week two.

Monday 4th May

I wanted to wear something Star Wars themed for Star Wars day, but it appears my kids have nabbed all my Star Wars fabric.So instead I made do with my brand spanking new, hot off the machine after tea last night Bertha Cardigan from Tilly and the Buttons new book. I bought this book a few weeks ago as it seemed ideal for quick and easy sewing during lockdown. And it is. This cardigan took no more than an hour and a half to make, including tracing the pattern and cutting the fabric.

Rosie is wearing a black t-shirt and a grey cardigan. The cardigan has caped cartoon superheroes on with the words POW and BANG on for me made may 2020 week two

Big M wore a Brazi bra that I made her a few weeks ago. Little M wore her Batgirl Beachcomber I made her a couple of years ago. It started off as a dress but is now more of a tunic. I love that she still wears it though 🙂

A white girls dress with Batman masks printed on it
Tuesday 5th May

Today I wore the first thing I ever made using jersey fabric. It’s a Kirsten Kimono t-shirt. I made it at a class I went to at Guthrie and Ghani many years ago. It is so far from perfect, but I love it, and I love wearing it, because it shows me just how far I have come. At the time I made it I was terrified of the overlocker. Now, I actively find ways to use it instead of having to use my sewing machine. How times have changed!

Rosie is wearing a grey striped t-shirt for me made may 2020 week two

Big M wore some lightning leggings. This is a free pattern from Made By Jack’s Mum, and is a staple of my girls’ wardrobe.

Little M made a sushi Emi t-shirt and lighting leggings, both of which she made herself earlier this year.

A child wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt and leggings
Wednesday 6th May

Today saw my first complete me made outfit of the week. I wore a grey Spoxxy tank and my Ness skirt. The Ness skirt was one of my #makenine2020 makes. I cut it out months ago, and managed to finally sew it a week or two into lockdown. It’s made from the leftovers from my Apron dress, which was super cheap denim from Pound Fabrics. In all the dress and the skirt cost me £7.50. BARGAIN!

Rosie is wearing a grey vest top with white stars on and a denim skirt for me made may 2020 week two

Both kids wore home made pants. We favour kids scrundlewear or speedy pants (a free pattern from Made By Jack’s Mum).

Thursday 7th May

Another Kirsten Kimono Tee today – this time with horses on. It’s a free pattern if you sign up to the newsletter.

Rosie is wearing a white t-shirt with blue horses on for me made may 2020 week two

Both kids wore mummy made pjs to bed. This is not unusual, and is actually their easy win for me made may, given all their pyjamas are made by me. But still. As you may or may not have gathered, we’re big fans of Made By Jack’s Mum in this house. Our favourite combo for kids pjs are the harem pants teamed with an emi top (long or short sleeved) or the explorer raglan

Friday 8th May

VE Day! Our village had grand plans, which obviously had to be scrapped. Instead we were encouraged to decorate our gardens and have a picnic outside. Little M spent two days making red white and blue bunting to decorate the garden, while Big M made us an amazing Victoria sponge.

I spent my time channeling Rosie the Riveter wearing my apron dress and a striped Kirsten kimono. It had to be done, right?

Rosie the Riveter poster from World War 2. An image of a woman wearing a blue boiler suit and a red hair scarf with the words We Can Do It! at the top/
Rosie is recreating Rosie the Riveter from World War 2. Wearing a blue and white striped t-shirt, a pinafore dress and a red hair scarf for me made may 2020 week two

Both kids wore lightning leggings. I told you they were a staple.

Saturday 9th May

Today was super hot, and I was so thankful for my feather spoxxy tank. Unfortunately I forgot to get a photo of me wearing it until late in the evening when I went to shut the chickens in.

Rosie is wearing a white vest top with black feathers on it for me made may 2020 week two

The kids wore home made underwear.

Sunday 10th May

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday we were melting in the garden, paddling pool at the ready. Today we considered lighting the fire. The change in weather does mean I can crack out the hoodies though. Today I got snuggly in my woodland Hot Coffee from Made by Jack’s Mum.

Rosie is wearing a hooded sweatshirts with woodland creatures on it for me made may 2020 week two

Big M wore lightning leggings, while Little M wore mummy made pants.

I officially declare Me Made May 2020 week two a success. Two entire me made outfits: check. Kids wearing something Mummy Made every day: check. Roll on week three.

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