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First make of 2020

It has taken two weeks, but my first make of 2020 has finally happened. After several weeks of unpacking boxes and rearranging our newly renovated house, I was desperately in need of some sewing time.

I decided that my first make of 2020 should be something for me – all pre Christmas sewing was for others and I was feeling a bit left out! I have had my eye on the Apron Dress from The Assembly Line for a while, so when my friend found some bargain denim (I’m talking £2.50 per metre!) it was like a sign.

Usually I sew clothes using stretch fabric on the overlocker, and I love how quickly a garment is finished. I forgot how much longer it takes to make a garment using woven fabric, but after a busy few weeks it was really good to slow down. The stopping and starting as you pin, sew and iron was just what I needed.

Our new kitchen island makes the best cutting table

I am so happy with the resulting dress. I mean, look at the pockets!! They are cavernous. Plus, the pleat at the back is such a lovely feature. The dress is so comfy and easy to wear that I may never wear anything else. Ever again.

If my first make of 2020 is anything to go by, I am pretty sure that this is going to be a good year.