Things I Made In 2020

Having reviewed my make nine list the other day, I was feeling a bit miffed that I hadn’t achieved more. But then I remembered that 2020 has been a year like no other. Instead of focussing on things I hadn’t done, I decided to go back through the year and be proud of the things I made in 2020. Even if they weren’t what I had planned…


The year started promisingly. I made my new favourite pinafore and a couple of pairs of baby harems as welcome to the world gifts. I was looking forward to baby snuggles. Little did I know that COVID would have other plans 🙁


February was a good month, and I ticked off a make nine item. Plus I made my daughter a hoodie with pattern matching like I have never done before. Can you even spot the pocket?


Well, March was a funny month wasn’t it? We started it being a bit careful, washing our hands after touching anything. We ended it in full national lockdown and homeschooling. BONKERS.

March makes were few and far between, but they included a very special t-shirt for my five year old nephew’s birthday, and a pair of sushi socks.


April was tough. I have a couple of sad anniversaries to get through, plus this year a national lockdown. If I am truly honest, this was a tough month.

Rainbows have been very special to me since my mum died in April 2013, and they took on a new meaning during 2020. I found making my little crochet rainbow very therapeutic. I also chose rainbow balloons as the pocket lining for my ness skirt. The minions brazi crop top was less rainbow-y but still fun.


May involved some lockdown birthdays, a new baby in the family and MASKS.


It was like the universe knew we needed a boost, and the first few weeks of lockdown were like a holiday in the med. Without the beach or croissants. We made the most of the good weather and I made myself a couple of vest tops in order to stop myself melting. It was around this time that my ten year old’s school started setting Well Being Wednesday as a task. We embraced that one fully. I also embraced my inner toddler and made myself a romper. Best. Decision. Ever.


July was quite a productive month. I made the kids some new pants, plenty more masks, and a jumper for myself.


August was a bit cooler so I was able to work on my lockdown blanket again. That got me back into crochet, and I had a play with the waffle stitch and made some washcloths. I also had a go at some cross stitch for the first time in thirty years. I forgot how much I enjoyed it.


September saw a welcome return to some sort of normality. The kids went back to school, and I took full advantage of a quiet house to do some sewing. I made bags to put dirty masks in, some kids heydays and some shorts for myself.


It’s amazing how much more I can make when the kids are out of the house. October proved to be another productive month, with more masks, some pyjama bottoms for my husband and eldest daughter, a t shirt for me and a crocheted cushion cover. I also decided to take the plunge and crochet a sock. The matching one is yet to be made…


November is usually where I started to panic about all the Christmas presents I have said I will make but have yet to start. This year was different as I decided to support small businesses as much as I could. I spent the month crocheting baskets and making myself some cosy pyjamas.


Turns out December was pretty productive. I managed plenty of sewing and a spot of crochet. I made my nephew a baby Yoda t-shirt for his birthday, and I am really excited that I accidentally bought extra fabric so I may make myself something in it in the new year. My cousin’s baby was born just before Christmas last year, so I made him some cool harems and crocheted a lion to go with them. I think this might be my favourite make of the year. Of course I couldn’t finish 2020 without making some more masks, this time in a festive fabric. I even made a mini one for our upside down Christmas tree.

For the first time ever, we were spending Christmas Day just the four of us. I decided that I would make us all some pyjama bottoms to wear. I think this may well become a new family tradition, mostly because of the elasticated waist bands. Somehow I also managed to fit in some more cross stitching, and made an Indigo dress.

Despite everything, or perhaps because of everything 2020 has thrown at us, it turns out that I made quite a lot. This year more than any other I have been so grateful for crafting. It has kept me sane during times of stress and anxiety. It meant I could clothe my children who kept insisting on growing out of everything they owned during a national lockdown. During homeschooling both of my girls made themselves at least one item of clothing, learning skills for life.

2020 wasn’t the year any of us expected. It will be interesting to see what 2021 brings. One thing is for certain, I will be crafting my way through it.

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