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Me Made May 2020 Week One

I am so grateful to Zoe for running Me Made May again. I wear most of my makes all year round, but sometimes some slip to the back of the drawer and are forgotten for a while. Me Made May makes me dig them out and remember just how much I have made and how far I have come as a maker. During Lockdown, it has also meant that I have started to think a bit about getting dressed in the morning, rather than just pulling on any old thing I pull out of the drawer. I know we are only on the 5th May, but my weeks run Monday to Sunday, which means week one finished two days ago. Here is my update on what I wore for Me Made May 2020 week one.

Friday 1st May

I decided to Go Big Or Go Home with my first Me Made May outfit of 2020. Everything I wore today (excluding tights) was me made, right down to my underwear. My trusty apron dress has become a staple of my wardrobe. The long-sleeved Cup Of Tee was one of my Make Nine projects and is also becoming a regular feature. Not pictured (because NOBODY needs to see that) are the scrundies and Brazi bra underneath.

Rosie is wearing a denim pinafore with a blue, red and white long-sleeved t shirt underneath.

My kids have also decided to play along with Me Made May this year. Today Big M (12) wore the Hot Chocolate hoody I made her for her birthday earlier this year. I think it features some of my best pattern matching to date.

spot the pocket

Little M (9) wore a Penny Pinny that I made her last year.

Saturday 2nd May

Sunny Saturdays mean hanging out in the garden. So today I hung out with my chickens whilst wearing my chicken Cuppa Tee. As you do.

Rosie is wearing a yellow t-shirt with black and white chickens on it, standing in front of three chickens

Big M wore some Star Wars four seasons that I made her for our holiday last year. Little M wore a t-shirt she made at home having had a lesson at a local sewing school a year or so ago. I’m not sure what the pattern is but it makes a great t-shirt.

grey t-shirt with white stars
Sunday 3rd May

I have pledged to wear two completely Me Made outfits each week. Sunday is the last day of my week, so I had to squeeze another one in quick. Today I wore my Penelope Pinafore (it matches the one Little M wore yesterday, but we never wear them at the same time) and a Kirsten Kimono T-shirt.

Rosie is wearing a teal pinafore with a white t-shirt with cacti on it underneath

Sunday turned into a bit of a pyjama day for the rest of the family. Luckily my kids wear pyjamas made by me so that meant they didn’t miss a day. Hurrah!

I love that the kids are joining in. It means that they aren’t just staying in their pyjamas all day, and are turning up to school (aka the dining room table) in actual clothes. That I made them. Happy days.

Stay safe.

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