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Me Made May 2022 week one

I love May for many reasons. The weather is getting warmer, it’s my daughter’s birthday and I spend the month wearing mostly me made clothes. One day I would love for my wardrobe to be almost entirely made by me. One of the best things about Me Made May is that it helps you work out where the gaps are in your handmade wardrobe. Me Made May 2022 week one has certainly done that.

Sunday May 1st

I kicked off the month with a full me made outfit. My luna pants, and a super basic tank.

Monday May 2nd

Another full me made outfit today. My luna pants are rapidly becoming a staple, this time with a spoxxy tank top.

Tuesday May 3rd

Today featured one of my many cuppa tees. I chose my hedgehog one today because on a Tuesday my class goes to forest school so it seemed appropriate. I also wore my brand new Chapman cardigan.

Wednesday May 4th

Every year I kick myself that I don’t have anything Star Wars to wear today. I have some fabric, so I really must make something for next year. Instead today I wore another full homemade outfit. My chapman cardigan, peg leg leggings and a beachcomber.

Thursday May 5th

Another cuppa tee today. This time a rainbow one. You will find that rainbows feature quite heavily in my me made wardrobe!

Friday May 6th

Today I wore a full me made outfit – my ness skirt and a stardust tank. I haven’t worn my ness skirt for ages, and now I remember why. I measured between sizes so went for the larger size. The finished skirt is actually too big, and the second I put anything in my pocket it almost falls down. I love the skirt though, so I need to find a way to make it fit.

Saturday May 7th

Today features a driftwood dolman made as a t-shirt rather than a jumper. Unusually for me, this is a plain t-shirt. I had a realisation last year that I didn’t have any, and I still need to add some more.

I hereby declare Me Made May 2022 week one a success. I hit my target of four full outfits, although I am starting to realise that I have made myself way more tops than I have bottoms. This is the point of the challenge though, and I have plans to rectify the situation. Fingers crossed I will be able to achieve my goal in week two.

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