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Me Made May 2022 Week four

My Me Made May 2022 week four has been an interesting one. I have had a couple of days that have required a particular outfit, which limited my scope for a full me made one. I think I have managed to reach my goal this week though. Let’s find out…

Sunday May 22nd

I started Me Made May 2022 week four in what is becoming my traditional manner: a full me made outfit. Today I wore my trusty apron dress paired with a cactus Kirsten Kimono tee.

Monday May 23rd

Today was the start of our school Jubilee celebrations, so I decided to wear my london bus skirt (not me made). I teamed it with my super basic tank and granny go round jumper.

Tuesday May 24th

Today was a forest school day, so jeans and a sleeveless driftwood dolman. I really hope that this time next year this can be a completely me made outfit.

Wednesday May 25th

Today I was able to wear my brand spanking new Stevie top, which is so perfect for the jubilee! I am so glad I remembered this fabric was in my stash in time.

Thursday May 26th

Today I had a day off work, so was able to spend the day wearing my day pyjamas luna pants and my ziraffe (are they zebras or are they giraffes?) cuppa tee.

Thursday actually turned into a Two Fully Me Made Outfits day, thanks to a trip to the theatre in the evening. I took my youngest to see Fantastically Great Women Who Changed The World, which was brilliant and you should definitely see it. I wore my staple dress and some peg leg leggings.

The staple dress was one of the first pieces of clothing I made for myself. I haven’t worn it much in recent years, today I realised how perfect it is (when teamed with leggings) to wear to school. I will be reaching for it a lot more regularly going forward.

Friday May 27th

Today was our big jubilee celebration at school. Everyone was supposed to dress up and wear something representing one of the decades of the Queen’s reign. Clearly this was the perfect time to wear one of my vintage dresses that belonged to my granny. I can’t quite decide if it’s 60s or 70s but it works either way. Underneath I wore a superstar bra which means I was still wearing something me made.

By the time I got home I was melting. Late May is not really the time to be wearing tights and boots. Ordinarily on a Friday night I would have no qualms about putting my pyjamas on at 4pm. However, I still had to take my teenager out to a birthday barbecue, and I figured she would disown me if I was in my nightwear. Instead I opted for the next best thing – luna pants and a spoxxy tank.

Saturday May 28th

Today was Garden Party day at my husband’s college. I wore my favourite (not made by me) dinosaur dress. I did however go full Double Dinosaur, with one of my superstar bras underneath. This one is hacked to have straight straps rather than cross over, and it is super useful, as well as comfy.

So, I think I have scraped my goal this week by the skin of my teeth, although if we include my pyjamas (yet more walk the planks and driftwood tshirt) I feel better about it.

I am hoping to wear full me made outfits for the last three days of the month to make up for this week’s slightly tenuous achievement. Watch this space!

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