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Make Nine 2020: a review

Way back in January, when 2020 stretched out before us as a fresh, exciting new year, I wrote my make nine list. I, like most people, had literally no idea that 2020 had some serious other plans. In all honesty, I haven’t actually checked back on the list since early on in Lockdown #1. So, as this utterly ridiculous year comes to an end, I thought it might be time to look back. I present to you Make Nine 2020: a review.

Ginger Jeans

These were top of the list because I have had the pattern and fabric since May 2019 and have been too scared to make them. I figured putting them on the list would make me get on and do it. Turns out I was WRONG. I am still scared of them.

I came very close at one point in the summer, and almost got brave enough. To the point that I had the pattern out one evening ready to cut the next morning. I was determined, honest. But then I woke up, got cold feet and made my Lander Shorts instead.

I still really really want to make myself some jeans. I have a 36″ inside leg so buying jeans that fit can be tricky. Plus, the ones I have might be a little tighter than they were thanks to 2020.

Ness Skirt

This one is definitely a great big TICK. I made this skirt fairly early on in lockdown and I have worn it a lot. Annoyingly I measured between sizes, so made the larger size. I should have made the smaller size (always nice to know!) but it’s still wearable. Next time I make it I will size down.

Gin O’Clock Cardigan

This is another epic fail. I don’t think I have touched this at all this year, and it is still on the WIP shelf. Maybe 2021 will be its year to shine…

Long Sleeved Cuppa Tee

This is another TICK. I have in fact made two – one long sleeved and one three quarter sleeved. I love this pattern and there will definitely be more in 2021.

Ivy Pinafore

Another fail. My pinafore dress need has been filled by the apron dress I made at the beginning of the year. I still want to make the Ivy though, so may get on in the new year. You can never have too many pinafores, right?


I am pleased to say that I have made leggings. I even made some for the kids too.

Apron Dress

Let’s just bear in mind that when I wrote the original list I had just finished my apron dress. I pretty much lived in it, so a second one seemed like a good idea. I haven’t actually made another one, but I still plan to. My denim one has been one of my most worn me made items this year.


Another win! I Have made plenty of pairs of pants and some crop tops this year.


This is another tick. YAY! I made my sushi socks, plus my daughter made some (with me) for well being Wednesday during homeschool.

As autumn kicked in I decided to crochet some socks. I used this pattern and now have a really lovely sock. I just need to get on and make the other one.

Make Nine 2020: A Review

Five out of nine is more than 50% right? Given the year we’ve had, I think I am going to call that a win. I wish I had made some jeans, and they are high on my list of priorities for 2021. I may not have completed my make nine, but I am really proud that all the new clothes I have acquired during 2020 have been made by me. That really is a win.

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