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Me Made May 2021 Week Two

If it wasn’t for Me Made May, I would have thought we had missed May and skipped straight to November. My time hop helpfully tells me that this time last year I was wearing vest tops and flip flops. Come on summer! It’s time to share with you what I wore during Me Made May 2021 week two. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t flip flops and vest tops.

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Monday 10th May

I kicked off the week with a full me made outfit. My apron dress is one of my most worn me made items. Today I paired it with a dinosaur stardust. I really am just an oversized toddler.

Tuesday 11th May

Another full me made outfit today. This time my trusty lander shorts with my ziraffe (are they zebras or giraffes?) cuppa tee and another pair of peg leg leggings.

Wednesday 12th May

Today I wore my high hopes dolman from Ellie and Mac (affiliate link). I made this early on during lockdown last year and it has become one of my most worn jumpers of the last year.

Thursday 13th May

Today was another dolman day, this time the Driftwood dolman I was a tester for during the Waves and Wild rebrand. It’s the perfect jumper for bringing some sunshine to a grey rainy day. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of me wearing it today as I was too busy watching my newly 11 year old open her presents (she got a LOT of sewing based things) and eating cake. You’ll just have to make do with this photo my daughter took during the pattern test.

Friday 14th May

Yet another cuppa tee today – this time a short sleeved hedgehog version.

Saturday 15th May

I think this week has been sponsored by my Cuppa Tee collection. Today was chicken cleaning day so obviously I had to wear my chicken t-shirt. My lander shorts got another outing today (they have been washed, honest), as did a pair of peg legs.

Sunday 16th May

Today I wore one of my first ever stretch garments. I made this coco top about seven years ago at a sewing class. The overlocker scared the bejeezus out of me, which seems so funny now. I actively seek out ways to use it now rather than get the sewing machine out. How times have changed. I also wore my lander shorts again. Note to self: I really really should make some more.

I officially declare Me Made May 2021 week two a success, at least in terms of my me made challenge. I actually wore four complete me made outfits this week which I didn’t realise until I was writing this. Go me. My daughter also succeeded in her challenge and wore only homemade clothes at the weekend. Let’s hope I get to wear some of my vest tops next week…

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