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Me Made May 2020 Week Three

Isn’t it strange how, even in lockdown, time disappears so quickly? I cannot believe that it is already time for my Me Made May 2020 week three roundup.

Monday 11th May

My Cuppa Tee t-shirts (Made By Jack’s Mum) are getting a lot of wear and I’m starting to think I should make some more. Today was the turn of my hedgehog top. I love it.

Rosie wearing a white tshirt with little hedgehogs on it for me made may 2020 week 3
Tuesday 12th May

The weather has turned a bit cooler this week, which means my current favourite outfit can make a come back. Plus it’s all me made, so that’s a tick on that front too. My trusty apron dress and dinosaur stardust is a winning combination.

Rosie wearing a denim pinafore dress and a multicoloured dinosaur top for me made may 2020 week 3
Wednesday 13th May

Today was my youngest’s birthday. Lockdown birthdays are odd, but we tried to make it as special as we could. I even dressed up a bit, and wore my Brazi dress. It’s made in a beautifully soft bamboo jersey that was beyond lovely to sew with.

Rosie wearing a black dress made from bamboo jersey for me made may 2020 week 3

The birthday girl spent the day wearing her brand new MBJM beachcomber dress.

A child's dress made from black jersey with colourful planets
Thursday 14th May

No photo today as the only me made item were my wonder undies. Not sure I’m ready to share a photo of me in my pants.

Friday 15th May

Fridays are pilates days. Today felt quite chilly, so I layered up with my trusty sundowner hoody from MBJM. I was lucky enough to be a tester on this pattern last summer, and I genuinely think this has become my most worn sweatshirt since.

Rosie wearing a black hoody and gym clothes for me made may 2020 week 3
Saturday 16th May

Last year I took part in the British Heart Foundation challenge to find something in their store and turn it into something new. This Penelope Pinafore used to be a duvet cover. I have loads left over still, which most likely will become face masks over the next few weeks.

Rosie wearing a red pinafore with superman on it, made from an old duvet cover for me made may 2020 week 3
Sunday 17th May

By the skin of my teeth I managed to achieve the second entire me made outfit of the week. Today I wore my ness skirt (Tilly and the Buttons) and my chicken cuppa tee (MBJM).

Rosie wearing a yellow t shirt with chicken on, and a denim skirt for me made may 2020 week 3

Pretty sure I can safely declare Me Made May 2020 week three a success. I have achieved my target, and the kids have worn Mummy Made every day. I have spectacularly failed to remember what the kids have worn though – I must try harder next week.


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