A few weeks ago my lovely yarn was packed up and moved into our garage while builders make a mess of our house. Obviously I kept some projects out, but I have missed my stash and all it’s yarny goodness. We move back in a couple of weeks, and I will be able to squish my stash again. Hurrah! To celebrate, I decided I would set myself a crochet challenge throughout November. Crovember, if you will.

Autumn is when the urge to crochet and be cosy really kicks in. After a summer mostly spent sewing, I’m hoping to regain my crojo, and maybe – just maybe – actually finish some of my eleventy hundred and four WIPs. For those of you who have followed me for a while will know that I love an instagram challenge, but I’ve never done one based on crochet.

If you fancy joining in, that would be fab! Each day during Crovember has a prompt. All you have to do is post a photo inspired by the prompt for that day. There’s absolutely no pressure to post every day (unless you’re me), it’s a bit of fun. If you do post make sure you tag your photo #crovember so I find it.

I’m so excited to start this challenge. Even just planning it has inspired me to get the hooks out and add a couple of rows to a blanket. Who knows what I’ll have finished by the end of Crovember! Let me know if you plan to join in too, and we can be excited together.


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