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Me Made May 2021 Week Three

I don’t know about you, but I am so very glad May is over. It has been so grey and miserable it could almost have been January. I have so many me made clothes that I haven’t been able to wear yet this year due to the lack of sunshine and warmth. I think this is probably why it has taken me so long to write this post. That’s my excuse anyway. Whatever, it’s time to tell you what I wore during Me Made May 2021 week three.

Monday 17th May

I try to start the week with a full me made outfit. Today I wore my trusty apron dress and a long sleeved cuppa tee.

A white woman wearing a denim pinafore and a blue long sleeved t-shirt with skulls and flowers on it (Me Made May 2021 week three)
Tuesday 18th May

Today I wore a skirt I had forgotten about. This is why Me Made May is so brilliant. It makes you rummage at the back of your wardrobe and rediscover clothes you haven’t worn for a while. I made this Rosari skirt a couple of years ago. Its properly short, so I can only wear it in winter with leggings. I want to make another one with additional length so that it’s not so risky to wear in summer! On my top half I wore a Kirsten kimono tee.

Wednesday 19th May

I spectacularly failed to get a picture today (this one is from a couple of years ago), so you’ll just have to take my word for it that I wore my shark hot coffee hoody. It was one of the first items of clothing I made on my overlocker without the supervision of someone who knew what they were doing. It was also one of the first non monochrome items I made for myself. Sewing has definitely introduced more colour into my wardrobe!

Me Made May Rosie and Bright
Thursday 20th May

As if to prove my point about sewing introducing more colour into my wardrobe, today I wore my brand new driftwood dolman. A few years ago I would never have worn a bright yellow jumper. Now I have two in my wardrobe (both driftwoods). Today’s one has zebras on it, because why not.

A mustard yellow sweatshirt with zebras on it
Friday 21st May

My sushi socks were my me made item today. I made these just before lockdown started last year using the free pattern from Ellie and Mac. These are such a great way to use up scraps of fabric, and I really should make more.

A picture of feet wearing green socks with cartoon sushi on them
Saturday 22nd May

It is nearly the end of May, and by rights I should be wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Instead I am wearing tights and cardigans, with a cactus coco top.

Sunday 23rd May

Finishing the week with a fully me made outfit. Today the lander shorts made a return, together with my hedgehog cuppa tee and a sundowner hoody.

So that neatly wraps up Me Made May 2021 week three. Another three fully me made outfits, plus some items I had forgotten about. Win, win.

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