• Putting on a mask - Harry Potter themed face masks

    Putting On A Mask

    When I was a kid, putting a mask on meant donning my gorilla mask from Bristol zoo and jumping out of the bushes to try and scare my parents. For my kids, putting a mask on means keeping themselves and…

  • a pair of odd socks made for wellbeing Wednesday
    children's clothes,  diy wardrobe,  sewing

    Well Being Wednesday

    For the last few weeks of term, my daughter’s school has encouraged the kids to take part in Well Being Wednesday. Even for those of us who are still homeschooling, we have been encouraged to spend some time doing activities…

  • Rosie wearing a black hoody and gym clothes
    diy wardrobe,  sewing

    Me Made May 2020 Week Three

    Isn’t it strange how, even in lockdown, time disappears so quickly? I cannot believe that it is already time for my Me Made May 2020 week three roundup. Monday 11th May My Cuppa Tee t-shirts (Made By Jack’s Mum) are…

  • Rosie is wearing a yellow t-shirt with black and white chickens on it, standing in front of three chickens
    diy wardrobe,  sewing

    Me Made May 2020 Week One

    I am so grateful to Zoe for running Me Made May again. I wear most of my makes all year round, but sometimes some slip to the back of the drawer and are forgotten for a while. Me Made May…

  • diy wardrobe,  sewing

    Me Made May 2020

    Thanks to Lockdown, I have completely lost track of what day of the week it is, let alone what month. When my nine year old woke me with the words “IT’S TWELVE DAYS UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY” this morning, I realised…

  • diy wardrobe,  sewing

    Sushi Socks: Make Nine 2020

    This post contains affiliate links. If you click on a link and make a purchase I may earn a few pennies, but without any additional cost to you. One of my Make Nine 2020 goals is to make some socks.…

  • Rosie wearing her first make from her make nine 2020 list. A long-sleeved cuppa tee from made by jack's mum
    diy wardrobe,  sewing

    Make Nine 2020 Update

    Way back at the end of January I wrote my Make Nine list for 2020. Writing the list was a brilliant way for me to focus my mind on projects I really want to do, even though we all know…

  • crochet,  diy wardrobe,  sewing

    Make Nine 2020

    One of my favourite things about sewing my own clothes is that I can get clothes that actually fit me. Plus, I can put pockets on everything. The more I make myself, the harder I find it to buy ready…

  • An image of the back of a denim dress where the straps cross over and are closed with wooden badges
    diy wardrobe,  sewing

    First make of 2020

    It has taken two weeks, but my first make of 2020 has finally happened. After several weeks of unpacking boxes and rearranging our newly renovated house, I was desperately in need of some sewing time. I decided that my first…

  • Superman and the Big Stitch

    Rosie And The Big Stitch

    Last week a post on instagram caught my eye. During July, the British Heart Foundation are running a competition called the Big Stitch. Basically, the idea is to find something in one of their stores, buy it (obviously) and then…