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Me Made May 2021 Week one (and a bit)

May is one of my favourite months. The days are getting longer, and it (usually) means the weather is getting warmer. Not this year though. My time hop helpfully shows me that this time last year I was wearing vest tops and flip flops. This year is more hoodies and ugg boots. I still love May, though, because it means I focus on wearing clothes I have made myself. Now it’s time to share with you what I wore during Me Made May 2021 week one (and a bit).

Saturday 1st May

I decided to kick off Me Made May 2021 with a full me made outfit. A cactus Coco top, Penelope Pinafore, and Peg Leg leggings.

Sunday 2nd May

I actually wore one of my (many) Cuppa Tee tops today, but spectacularly failed to get a photo of me wearing it. I realised this late in the evening when I was already in my pyjamas. Luckily my pjs were made by me so it totally still counts. These are walk the plank pjs, and if I could live in them I would.

Monday 3rd May

Another full me made outfit today. My lander shorts have been a staple over the winter. Today I wore them with my Sundowner hoody, and a super basic tank top underneath.

Tuesday 4th May

Every 4th of May I wish I had something Star Wars to wear. I am determined that I will have something for next year. My woodland Hot Chocolate may not be Star Wars, but I love it. You can’t beat a hoody for a grey, chilly day.

Wednesday 5th May

The Cuppa Tee is a staple in my wardrobe. Today I wore my long-sleeved version. I really need to make some plain versions, but I just keep being drawn to fun prints instead.

Thursday 6th May

Today I wore my third full me made outfit. The Indigo dress is not a pattern I would usually go for. I saw this post from @sewisfaction and decided I needed one in my life. I am so glad I did. The double gauze makes it so light and comfy. Plus it has pockets. It has become one of my most worn dresses of the winter.

Friday 7th May

Today was another Peg Legs day. This pattern has been a revelation, and I have made several pairs. I’ve got a bit lazy and haven’t bothered to hem my latest pairs, as they’ve been hidden under socks and boots all winter. Perhaps I should buck my ideas up and hem them now that boot season is almost over?

Saturday 8th May

Today I chose to wear one of the first items of clothing I ever made. It’s a tunic from the first ever Sewing Bee book that I made about seven years ago. I had just started sewing and I was fully embracing it. This top has a zip pretty much the whole way up the back. Beginner Sewer Me went for it, and I am really proud of that. Zips scare the bejeezus out of me now and I actively avoid them. Maybe this is why I have never braved the ginger jeans I say I will make by next May every year?

I chose this top today as it is sleeveless and therefore easy access for the nurse giving me my first COVID vaccination. Yay!

Anyhoo, this top really only ever sees the light of day during Me Made May. It just seems to get shoved to the back of the wardrobe in favour of other tops. It’s a shame, because I do love it. I must remember to wear it more.

Sunday 9th May

Because everyone we know has had some kind of reaction to the vaccine, we planned for today to be a gentle day. Good thing we did, as both my husband and I felt rough today. Not ill ill, just heavy and wiped out. Luckily I have multiple pairs of homemade pjs, and today I wore my sloth walk the plank pyjama bottoms.

My youngest daughter is joining in with Me Made May too. Obviously she has to wear uniform to school (unless its a PE or Forest School day), so she can only join in with weekends. For Me Made May 2021 week one (and a bit) she has worn: an emi t-shirt, a driftwood dolman top and lightning leggings that she made herself, plus heydays and a hot chocolate hoody that I made.

I’m pretty sure that means we both achieved our Me Made May 2021 target this week. I’ll be back next week to let you know what we wore during week two.

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