Me Made May 2021 Week Four (and a day)

If you were to look back through my blog posts, you would notice that in previous years I have failed to complete my Me Made May posts. I have always completed the challenge, just not written about them. Not so this year. I am here to share what I wore for Me Made May 2021 week four (and a day), and thereby feel better about myself as a person.

Monday 24th May

Thanks to the weather being rubbish I have yet to wear some of my summer clothes. Fingers crossed for the last week of May. Today my chicken cuppa tee made another appearance, covered by a cardigan. Obvs.

Tuesday 25th May

My first fully me made outfit of the week was made up of my lander shorts, a long-sleeved cuppa tee and peg legs.

Wednesday 26th May

I made this Bertha cardigan from Make it Simple during last year’s Me Made May. It isn’t worn nearly as much as it should be. I promise to wear it more in the next twelve months.

Thursday 27th May

For my second fully me made outfit I wore my trusty chunky cord Penelope Pinafore with a cactus Kirsten kimono tee. You can tell I wasn’t entirely trusting the sunshine to stay as I also wore tights and boots.

Friday 28th May

I was right. Today I decided to cheer myself up and ignore all the rain by wearing my bright yellow zebra driftwood dolman. It mostly worked.

Saturday 29th May

Today was an exciting day. I wore my first ever crochet jumper! I also wore my lander shorts and a super basic tank.

Sunday 30th May

We went visiting family today. Our nephews are big superhero fans, so it seemed appropriate to wear my superman Penelope pinafore. I made this from an old duvet cover a couple of years ago as part of a British Heart Foundation challenge. I also had a trusty pair of peg legs on.

Monday 31st May

The sun finally came out for the end of Me Made May. For my final, fully me made outfit, I wore my apron dress and a stardust tank top.

I officially declare Me Made May 2021 week four (and a day) a success. This also means that I have achieved my goal for the month.

I can’t thank Zoe enough for running Me Made May each year. I love being challenged to wear more of my handmade clothes. Each year I find things that I had forgotten I made, and gaps in my wardrobe that I need to fill. When I first started playing along six years ago I had just a handful of me made items. To be wearing three fully me made outfits each week would have seemed impossible back then. One day I aspire to have an entirely me made wardrobe. Until then, I will keep challenging myself to make and wear more of my own clothes.

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