Sky Blanket: March Update

Last Wednesday was the last day of March, and the last day before my kids broke up for the Easter holidays. They have only been back at school for three weeks and three days, but we were all so ready for a break. We aren’t used to the busy-ness that ‘normal’ life entails anymore. Anyhoo, fast forward a week and I have realised that I have yet to post my sky blanket March update. So, here it is.

If you have been following the progress of my sky blanket, you will know that February involved a minor yarn crisis. Luckily wool warehouse had loads of the white in stock, and in early March this bag of yarn arrived. Happy days.

A bag full of white balls of yarn - sky blanket march update

By Friday 12th March I was back up to date. All the squares were made and attached. All that was left were those pesky ends to darn in. “I know,” I thought to myself, “I’ll leave those until Sunday (Mother’s day) when I’ll spend the day doing nice crochet things.”

Good plan.

Except I didn’t factor in the fact that I am a klutz. A fractured wrist and crochet just does not go.

I am keeping a note of the colours each day in my diary. At first my kids had to write it down for me, but I can actually write it myself now. I guess that’s progress and means I am one step closer to being able to crochet again.

I am really, really missing making the squares each day. It gave me half an hour of quiet calm time, and I miss making things generally. I have managed some sewing on the machine, but the evenings are when I miss my crochet the most. I am hopeful that I might be able to try some crochet soon – just a little bit to test my wrist.

So there we have it. My sky blanket March update isn’t that exciting, and I have very little to show. The good thing about having chosen to do a granny square each day is that it won’t actually take me that long to catch up once I am able. The thought of all those ends to darn in though. Ughhh.

Sky Blanket March Update - a granny square blanket with each square representing a day and the colour of the sky

Fingers crossed that there will be some more progress to report at the end of April.

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