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Well Being Wednesday

For the last few weeks of term, my daughter’s school has encouraged the kids to take part in Well Being Wednesday. Even for those of us who are still homeschooling, we have been encouraged to spend some time doing activities that are good for our well being. I say “we” because clearly my ten year old needs support with this, and being the good mum that I am, I stepped up to the task.

The first week was grey and wet, so we curled up under blankets and watched a film (it was on the list of suggested activities so we basically had to). The next week she did her birthday lego. But the week after that she decided she wanted to do some sewing. That’s my girl.

We decided to make her some socks, because that’s what she needed. I used the free Ellie and Mac pattern to make myself some sushi socks a while back, and the pattern also has kids sizes. We measured her feet, and then raided my scrap box.

Luckily for me, our youngest only wears odd socks, so this really does become a brilliant scrap busting project. She cut herself six socks from various scraps of fabrics while I sewed them together.

The resulting socks are fab, and she is already planning more. I have loved spending the day making them together, and the fact that she is developing a love of sewing and making her own clothes makes me so happy. I think we may keep Well Being Wednesday as part of our regular routine, even when life goes back to ‘normal’.


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