Sky Blanket 2021 is GO!

In case you missed it, 2020 is finally over. This can only mean one thing: my sky blanket 2021 is GO!

Really, that is probably the only thing that changed with the new year. We are in tier four, my eldest isn’t going back to school for at least two weeks and we’re still waiting to hear if my youngest will be back or not. Fun times.

As was probably predictable, January started with a grey sky. It has been pretty much grey since then. Fortunately I have plenty of shades of grey in my stash, otherwise this could very quickly become quite a boring blanket.

I have decided to do a sunburst granny square for each day. The centre circle represents the sky, and then I am doing the final round in white to be uniform across the blanket.

For the first time, I am trying the join as you go method of building my blanket. In doing this, I hope that it won’t be come a mammoth job of sewing squares together and darning in ends. Because we all know that if that were the case, I would quickly lose interest. And actually this way, if I do miss a day or two it won’t be an overwhelmingly big job to catch up.

Three granny squares in shades of blue and grey - Rosie's sky blanket 2021 is go.

We are only four days into the year, but I am managing to keep up. It only takes half an hour or so to make the square and join it to the blanket. I am really enjoying having a reason to sit down for thirty minutes and craft every day. Much like my lockdown blanket was good for my anxious brain during 2020, I think this blanket will be good for me during the coming months.

Fancy joining in?

It’s not too late to start a sky blanket of your own. You could knit or crochet a stripe or a square each day (or another shape!). Quilters could do similar. All you have to do is be inspired by the colour of the sky each day. It may be a sunrise, a rainbow, snow, whatever. It’s a great way to use up scrap/stash yarn and fabric. Keep a note of the colours for each day until you are able to start (I’m doing this all year anyway just incase I get behind). Follow me on Instagram to see how I and other #SkyBlanket2021 makers are getting on.

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