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Me Made May 2020

Thanks to Lockdown, I have completely lost track of what day of the week it is, let alone what month. When my nine year old woke me with the words “IT’S TWELVE DAYS UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY” this morning, I realised that April has finished and now it’s May. Which can only mean one thing (two if you count my daughter’s birthday in twelve days…). It’s time for Me Made May 2020.

I love Me Made May. The first year I joined in, I had only just learned to sew. My handmade wardrobe was tiny, and my pledge was to wear one item of me made clothing per week. Each year I have joined in, and as my self made wardrobe has grown, my challenge has grown with it.

I have been thinking about what my challenge for Me Made May 2020 should be for a while. Last year my challenge was to wear me made everyday, plus one entire me made outfit a week. This year, I need to better that.

So hear you go. My pledge for Me Made May 2020:

I, Rosie, pledge to wear at least one me made item a day, plus two complete me made outfits per week, throughout May 2020.

But that’s not all. Because Me Made May 2020 is taking place during a period of lockdown here in the UK, the kids have decided they want to play along too. No school = no school uniform, so they have decided that they will each wear at least one item of Mummy Made clothing, or one they have made themselves, every day throughout May.

As usual, I will be keeping myself on track by posting about my progress here each week. I’m hoping that I will be motivated to complete some more of my Make Nine makes before the month is up. What is more likely though, is that I find gaps in my me made wardrobe, write myself a list of things to make before next May, then wish I’d made them in a year’s time. Maybe I could use lockdown to wow Future Me? Only time will tell.

Stay safe x

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