Vintage Sewing

A few days ago I was wasting some time mooching on instagram, when I spotted a story from Cate at sixty vintage things. For those of you who don’t know, Cate restores and sells vintage furniture. Earlier this week she had begun work on a sideboard and found some vintage sewing patterns in there.

I replied to her story about how awesome her find was – we all know I love vintage things – and she very kindly said I could have them as she had no use for them.

Today they arrived and I may have done a happy dance. I mean LOOK AT THEM!

awesome vintage sewing patterns

I’m used to working with massive A0 patterns with every size printed on them, but these patterns are just one size. That may prove interesting as I’m pretty certain I’m not a 32″ bust, but I’m sure I can work it out so I can make the right size. Or at least, I hope I can…

Each pattern piece has been used and then carefully refolded and put back in the packet. I’d love to know what they had been made into. What was the fabric like? Who was it for? If only they could talk.

I think I’m going to attempt to make version B of this one first – probably in a jersey. I love the details on the sleeves. Also, I want her hair.

Consider this vintage sewing pattern added to my already very long WIP list. It may even be my reward for doing my tax return next week…

vintage sewing patterns
Version B = all of the heart eyes

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