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Me Made May 2022

I think this may be my favourite time of year. The world is springing into life and turning green, there is warmth in the sunshine, and Me Made May is just around the corner. I regularly wear my handmade clothes throughout the year, but Me Made May always makes me dig to the back of the wardrobe to find the things I had forgotten about. For the last few days I have been trying to decide what my Me Made May 2022 challenge should be.

Each year, as my handmade wardrobe has grown, so too has my challenge. The first year I joined in I literally had two handmade items of clothing. Last year I challenged myself to wear something handmade everyday, plus at least three fully me made outfits each week.

My ultimate aim is to have a wardrobe at least 90% full of me made clothes. I am a long way off that target, but I am definitely moving closer towards it. Me Made May is a really great way to work out where the gaps in your handmade wardrobe are (although I am pretty sure I know where mine are already). With that in mind I have decided what my Me Made May 2022 challenge will be.

“I, Rosie, pledge to wear something made by me every day, and at least four fully me made outfits throughout May 2022”

As always I will bore you with the details keep you up to date with my progress both here and over on Instagram.


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