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me made may week two

It’s time for a round up of my Me Made May week two. I am loving this challenge, and am really quite proud of how many me made items I actually have in my wardrobe. After my minor blip in week one, I have been […]

me made may week one

Last week I decided to sign myself up to Me Made May and pledged to wear something I have made every day throughout May. A few years ago I had got the sewing bug and added a few items to my wardrobe. But then life […]

me made may 2018

Recently, thanks to a friend inspiring me with her makes, I have been getting back into sewing. I’d forgotten how much fun it is to wear something I have made, and just how quickly sewing projects are finished. I mean, I┬ádo love my crochet, but […]

rosie and bright hq

rosie and bright hq

When we bought our house six and a half years ago, there was a funny room outside the bathroom that was described as an office. During the six and a half years that we have lived here, it has been used as a storage room […]