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Latest make: Luna Pants/Day Pyjamas

A few years ago I remember questioning why people had ”lounge wear”. It seemed odd to me that people had pyjamas to change into when they got home, before changing into actual pjs for bed. As I hit my mid forties (and probably exacerbated by lockdowns) I now recognise the importance of comfort, and would probably live in my pyjamas if I could get away with it. Sadly, I can’t, but my new Luna pants may just be the answer.

I have had the Luna pants pattern on my radar for ages. It has been one of those that keeps popping up in sewing groups and I think ”oooh, I really must make some of those” and then don’t. Well, during the Easter holidays I finally did. They have promptly been christened my ”Day Pyjamas” and I fully plan to make at least three more pairs. I know I always say this, but this time it is true.

Luna pants aka day pyjamas


So far in my sewing career I have avoided making myself trousers (apart from actual pjs and leggings). One of the reasons I started sewing is because I have a 34”—36” inside leg, and buying trousers long enough is pretty hard. Because this was my first time making this pattern I didn’t know what alterations, if any, I would need to make. I therefore chose to use some cheap double gauze I bought from Pound Fabrics a while ago.

Double gauze is my new favourite fabric to sew and wear after making myself a TATB Indigo and a Waves and Wild Kinjarling. It’s perfect for day pyjamas.


Because I was sewing with double gauze, I chose to skip all the steps that involved ironing. I personally like the crinkled look of the fabric. I learned the hard way with my Indigo, that ironing double gauze changes the size and shape of the pattern pieces. When I was supposed to iron the facings up 1/4” I used clips and pins to hold it in place instead. For the hem I just overlocked the edge and turned up 1.5 inches and stitched ready for the elastic.

I didn’t make any length adjustments, and I think I don’t necessarily need to in future pairs. If I use a more structured fabric I may add an inch or so but it may not be necessary. Because the double gauze is quite baggy, I could have got away with a size down I think. If I was using a more structured fabric I would stick with the size I measure.

I am a confident sewer, but there is something that really scares me about making myself trousers. This pattern is a perfect first trouser pattern, and I would definitely recommend giving it a go.

Pretty much everytime I make something new, I say I will be making at least two more. This time it is true. I spend most of my work days in Early Years and KS1, which involves a lot of sitting on the carpet. Luna pants/day pyjamas are the perfect summer trouser for school.


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