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One of my favourite things about Me Made May is that it gives me an opportunity to find gaps in my Me Made wardrobe. We’re only a couple of days into the month and I have already found that I need more layering options for these spring days. I love cardigans and should probably crochet at least one. We all know that would take me years though. It is so much quicker to sew one. Cue the Chapman Cardigan.

My lovely husband gave me a projector for my birthday because printing and sticking patterns is my least favourite thing. I have spent most of the bank holiday weekend trying to calibrate the projector. I was beginning to wonder if it was really worth it, and perhaps I should go back to printing and sticking my patterns together. Once I found the set up that worked, however, I soon realised that I will never print a pattern again.

I chose the Chapman Cardigan specifically because Ellie and Mac have projector files for their patterns. It really is the way forward. Within fifteen minutes of purchasing the pattern I had all the pieces cut and ready to go. It would have taken me that long just to print the pattern.


This was a spur of the moment make, so I had to shop my stash. Luckily, Past Me had the sense to keep a good selection of suitable fabrics. I knew I wanted a plain cardigan so I can wear it with anything so I opted for a dark grey French Terry. The pattern calls for a four way stretch, which the French Terry doesn’t really have but I figured it would be ok.


This is my first time making the Chapman Cardigan, and my first make using my projector. The pattern is drafted for someone 5’5″ (I am 5’8″), so I really should have added some length to both the body and the sleeves. If this had been a paper pattern I would have added the length easily. I will definitely have to find out how to do it on the projector. However, I made the tunic length cardigan, so although it is shorter than I would like it is long enough.

dark grey chapman cardigan

Next time…

Next time I will definitely add length (any tips for doing this on a projector will be gratefully received!). I will also add the pockets – I don’t really know why I didn’t, I was just too impatient to get sewing! My fabric choice was probably not the best either given its lack of stretch. A bamboo jersey would make a lovely drapey cardigan I think, and would be more what I was aiming for.

I have achieved what I set out to do though – I have worked out how to use my new toy and filled a gap in my handmade wardrobe. Win win.

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