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Me Made May 2019 Week 4

I am so pleased that I have made it to Me Made May 2019 week 4. Last year I managed to wear something me made every day, but I stopped blogging it after a couple of weeks. This year I am still here telling you about what I wore. Possibly I should apologise…

Monday 20th May 2019

I made this staple dress five whole years ago. I think the only time I remember to wear it is during me made May. In fact, my husband commented today “I’d forgotten you made that dress”. I must remember to wear it more.

Tuesday 21st May

The sun is back! I’m beginning to realise that my me made wardrobe is very winter heavy, as my two Spoxxy tops are getting a regular wear. I should probably do something about that and sew some more summer friendly clothes. If it rains until September, you’ll know who to blame.

Wednesday 22nd May

Another hot day, and my cactus Kirsten Kimono tee is back out. I really do love this fabric, and wish I had more.

Thursday 23rd May

The sun is out, the Spoxxy is out. This time it’s my feather one. I think this may be my most worn me made item this month.

Friday 24th May

The sun disappeared again, so the hoodies are making a surprise comeback. Today I wore my woodland Hot Coffee, but unfortunately failed to get a photo. You can see it here though.

Saturday 25th May

After it’s brief disappearance the sun came back, as did my duck Kirsten Kimono tee. I think this one is my favourite.

Sunday 26th May

This week’s entire me made outfit is made up of my new favourite skirt and my cactus Coco. I think this might become an autumn staple later in the year.

I’m pretty sure that Me Made May 2019 week 4 was another resounding success. It’s hard to believe that there are only five more days to go.

I have used links to the pattern designer’s own pages throughout this post. I am not rewarded if you click them, I just like to share the love.

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