Another Lockdown Blanket Update

It has been a while, but as we are now in lockdown again, I feel it is time for another lockdown blanket update. Much like 2020 itself, the making of this blanket has posed questions and dilemmas. The biggest problem has been sourcing yarn, as it has been out of stock for months. I bought the last ball in Oxfordshire (or at least it felt like it) back in October, and since then I have been unable to track any down at all.

A rainbow granny blanket. The outer rows are paler shades than the centre colours despite being the same colour way of yarn.

Last Sunday evening I did my regular trawl of the internet, not really holding out much hope. All my regular haunts were still out of stock. But then, halfway down the search page some of the yarn was showing as IN STOCK!!! And it was reduced. Cue a happy dance. Twenty four hours later we were put in full lockdown for at least six weeks. This lockdown blanket is clearly meant to be.

As I waited for the yarn to arrive, we speculated on what the colours would be like. Would they be like the original colours, or paler like the second lot? Perhaps they would be entirely different shades.

Turns out they are dark, like the original yarn I bought before the first lockdown back in March.

This makes me smile. I struggled to decide what to do when the paler yarn came into my life. This time I have no such problem. The blanket will grow, the yarn won’t match, but that’s ok. This is a lockdown blanket. None of the last year has been as we had planned. So too, this blanket. It’s not as I would have planned it a year ago, but it sums up the last twelve months perfectly.

I’m itching to get on and add these yarn cakes to the blanket. Look out for another lockdown blanket update soon!

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