Lockdown Blanket Dilemma

A few weeks ago I ran out of yarn for my lockdown blanket. Way back in March I had bought five of the lovely Caron cakes thinking that would be plenty to make a granny square for a double bed. I was wrong. This left me with a lockdown blanket dilemma.

A rainbow crocheted granny square blanket
Lockdown Blanket Dilemma #1

In order for my lockdown blanket to truly be a lockdown blanket, I wanted to get it finished before life returned to whatever the new “normal” is going to be. As restrictions started to lift here in the UK, this was a good motivator in trying to finish it. I have enough WIPs sitting on my shelf, and don’t want this to become another. I decided that I would try and purchase more of the yarn so I could complete the blanket. Good plan Rosie.

Except it was a terrible plan because it is out of stock literally everywhere. Every couple of days I would hopefully scour google looking for somewhere to have it in stock, only to be disappointed each time.

Imagine my excitement, then, when I was in my local hobbycraft yesterday and I spied two balls of the elusive yarn. Oh happy day!

My ten year old suggested that it didn’t look quite the same. But after consulting my original receipt from March in my email, I confirmed that it was indeed the one I needed. Hurrah!

It turns out my ten year old was right though. Although the yarn name and code are the same, the colours are not. They are a paler version of the ones I have been using.

A crocheted rainbow granny square blanket

Before you start, I know that different dye lots can vary slightly, and I understand that this is what has happened here. That knowledge didn’t stop my joy at finding them soon turning to disappointment.

Lockdown Blanket Dilemma #2

So herein lies my lockdown blanket dilemma number two: do I use the two paler cakes anyway and just embrace it? Or do I wait until I can find a darker batch? I keep deciding one, and then the other. On one hand it kind of sums up 2020 – nothing quite works out as you expect. On the other, it might look odd and annoy me forever more.

What would you do? Help me decide!

Lockdown blanket dilemma: a new ball of rainbow yarn on top of a crocheted blanket


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