Sky Blanket May Update

As we are already a week in to June, I thought I should probably share my sky blanket May update.

For those of you who have been following along, you will know that I was being really good and keeping mostly up to date with my squares. Until, that is, I fractured my wrist. After getting the green light in April from my physio to try a bit of crochet as part of my healing, I have been slowly plugging away and playing catch up. By the time I shared my April update, I was almost at the end of March, and was hoping to be back on track by the end of May.


I have continued to do the squares in batches of seven. Ticking off a week at a time means that I feel I am making good progress. At least in the making and attatching of the squares. The darning in of ends remains my nemesis. I keep leaving them because I hate that job. I am trying to force myself to do them when I get to the end of a row, though. If I don’t, I just end up getting tangled when I start attaching the next row of squares. I know this because it happened.

Sky blanket 2021 may update. Rosie has crochet small circles in various shades of grey and blue. They are waiting to be attached to the main blanket.

Anyhoo, at the time of writing I have attached the squares up to the 9th May, and have the circles ready to attach up to the 16th May. This means I am still a little bit over four weeks behind, but I am ok with that.

Half way through April
Sky blanket may update: a crochet blanket with the colours of each granny square inspired by the colour of the sky each day
Up to the 9th May.

I am loving how my sky blanket is turning out. I also love how my children have started noticing the sky and point out things like sunsets that I should “use for today, Mum”.

So there we have it. My sky blanket May update shows some, if slow, progress. I should say that I hope to be back on track by the end of June. We all know that darning in ends will hold me back though. I would, however, like to be less than four weeks behind. That would be progress.


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