Sky Blanket Update

I realised the other day that I really need to share a sky blanket update, as my previous one was a little while ago. In fact, I just checked and my last post was almost exactly four months ago about my progress on the sky blanket for May. THE SHAME! I don’t really even have an excuse. At least, not for the first part of the summer. I did start a new job after Easter which seriously eats into my making/blogging time but I’m enjoying it so that makes it ok. Then the weather got warmer and the thought of crochet was too melty.

And then, sadly, at the end of August, my dad died. All motivation went out of the window. It hasn’t been an easy few weeks – there have been plenty of tears and days spent curled under a blanket. But this last week I have picked up my hook again, and have finally dusted off the laptop so I can bring you a very belated sky blanket upadate.

I am ashamed to say that there has been very little progress since my last post four months ago. Back then I boldly stated that I wanted to be “back on track by the end of June”.


As I type, I haven’t even finished June.


Previously I was working in batches of seven, making up the circles for each week and then attaching them. This was working well until the point it wasn’t. My new tactic is to just make a bunch of circles when I am sitting watching tv so that I have them ready. That way I’m not constantly rummaging for the right yarn to make the next one. Making several grey circles (for example) in one go seems more efficient. I can then just go through my diary and add the appropriate colour. Simple.

Sky blanket update: a pile of crochet circles in various colours of blue, grey, yellow and pink

That’s the plan, anyway. But, as I think is becoming increasingly apparent, I am not very good at sticking to my plans. Life keeps getting in my way.

I am hoping that I can start to make some proper progress now the weather has turned autumnal. My new approach to bulk making the inner circles means I can stick a ball of yarn and a hook in my bag and churn out a few circles at lunchtime in the staffroom. I just then have to find the motivation to attach them to the actual sky blanket. And to darn in those pesky ends.

So, the plan for October is to finish June’s squares so that the blanket is half done by the end of this month. Should be easy enough, I’m already on the 26th. Famous last words? Part b) of the plan is to come back here in a month with another sky blanket update to let you know how I’ve got on. Wish me luck.

A granny square blanket made up of squares in shades of grey, blue, pink, yellow and white to represent the sky.

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