Sky Blanket: February Update

It is hard to believe that a whole month has passed since my last post. I had so many plans for posts, but somehow have not managed to write them. I blame homeschooling, as I have lost my computer to the ten year old. Hopefully I’ll be able to reclaim it when she returns to school next week. Given that it is a whole month since I last wrote, it can mean only one thing. It’s time for my sky blanket February update.

February has been much more colourful than January. There have been amazing sun rises, beautiful sunsets and even some (relatively) warm sunshine. It certainly is beginning to feel as if spring is just around the corner, with all the hope that that brings.

This month we got a teenager, and as luck would have it her birthday square is the last one of the third row. It’s a grey one (seems appropriate for a lockdown birthday) but it’s nice to be able to spot it easily.

I love that my sky blanket is already on its fourth row. It is growing so quickly and will soon actually be a useable blanket size.

Sky Blanket February Update - a crochet blanket laid on the back of a sofa. The blanket is made up of different coloured granny squares inspired by the colours of the sky
Up to the 25th February

I was doing really well at adding squares at the end of each day and weaving in the ends. At least, I was. Last week for some reason I had slacked off a bit and had six to do to finish the month. I decided I couldn’t possibly start March without having actually finished February, so on Sunday night I sat down to catch up with myself.

Everything was going brilliantly, until it came to the last three squares of the month. I had done the inner circles, and started to join them to the main blanket. The first ball of white was finished so I went to my stash to get the next one. As I joined the square the colours didn’t look right, but I couldn’t be sure as it was the evening, and maybe the lighting was playing tricks. I asked my kids, and they confirmed my suspicion. Turns out that I don’t have a load of white in my yarn. I had one ball of white, and many, many balls of cream. So much for this being an entirely stash busting project.

So, while I wait for the white yarn to arrive, I will start to add March’s circle to the pile. Here’s hoping for some more spring sunshine in the next few weeks.

Sky blanket February Update - three crocheted circles (duck egg blue, pink and baby blue) waiting to be attached to the blanket

If you can’t wait until March to see the progress on my sky blanket you can find more regular updates over on instagram.

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