Sky Blanket April Update

I cannot believe we are now in May. The first few weeks of the year seemed to drag on endlessly, obviously not helped by the weather and lockdown. But now, suddenly we’re here. One third of the year done. And that means it’s time for my sky blanket April update.

If you have been following my progress here or over on instagram, you will know that March threw a curveball. Not being able to crochet due to a fractured wrist was beyond frustrating. I always knew that crafting was good for me and my mental health. Not being able to do anything was hard, and I really really missed it. I have been able to manage some sewing (with some help from my daughter), but crochet was a big NO.

Two weeks ago I started physio. My lovely therapist gave me some exercises to strengthen my hand and wrist. When I mentioned that I was really missing my crochet she said “well, maybe you could try some?”. I very nearly did a happy dance. The rotation of the wrist is one of the things I need to work on, so she said I could try a little bit each day, but I absolutely must stop if it hurts.

I pretty much took that as doctor’s orders to do some crochet as soon as I got home. I thought I would do the next square for the sky blanket, which appropriately was the day I broke my wrist.

A purple crochet hook with a pink ball of yarn and the beginnings of a granny square

It took a lot longer than normal, but oh my goodness it felt good to have a hook in my hand again.

A hand wearing a splint, crocheting a granny blanket

I have continued to keep a note in my diary of the colour each day. I did not expect to be digging out the white sparkly yarn for April, but we had at least three days of snow at the beginning of the month.

A picture of a garden covered in snow .
WTF, April?

My plan is to try and catch up a week at a time, to give my hand time to rest. It is taking some time to work through my diary, but doing in batches of seven means I don’t have too many ends to darn it each time. Have I mentioned that I hate darning ends in? I can feel my hand getting stronger every day, so I may soon start to be able to do more. Hopefully I will be more or less back on track by the end of May.

A stack of crochet circles in shades of grey, blue and pink, ready to be added for Rosie's sky blanket April update

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