March Stitch Journal

We broke up for the Easter holidays last week. I am so ready for the two week break, and have loads of making planned. First up involved a quiet afternoon finishing my March stitch journal.

March’s stitches are:

  • 45: it was my birthday at the beginning of the month
  • Hands holding a heart: Mother’s Day
  • Silver platter: we went for a black tie dinner at my husband’s college
  • Scissors: my kids had their first professional haircut since before COVID
  • Music notes: my husband and our eldest had their first brass band concert together
  • Barn: my class went on a trip to the farm
  • Eye: my youngest had an appointment at the eye hospital
  • Sun: we had a mini heatwave in the middle of the month
  • Covid: I had my second bout of COVID a couple of weeks ago

Last month I was beginning to struggle with the hoop losing grip and the fabric losing tension. I decided to replace the cheap hoop I had bought with a better quality one. The difference is amazing, and I have learned my lesson. My stitching is definitely getting neater, mostly thanks to the happy stitch project. I have yet to use any of the new stitches, but I am fairly certain it is only a matter of time.

Occasionally I wish I hadn’t chosen to do each month in a single colour. I follow #OSBStitchJournal on instagram and love all the detail others are able to add. If I do a stitch journal again I will definitely use more colours..

I still haven’t quite decided what to do with the month names. They are printed in white on the fabric, but part of me feels I should stitch them. I am hoping inspiration will strike at some point during the year. Watch this space!

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