Crovember 2020

It is now October, the nights are drawing in and it’s time to start snuggling under blankets in front of the fire. That can only mean one thing: Crovember 2020 is on it’s way.

Crovember 2020
What is Crovember?

Crovember is a crochet challenge throughout the month of November. Cro(chet) + (No)vember = Crovember. Do you see what I did there?

How did Crovember come to be?

Crovember started last year. We were having building work done, and I was so busy I had lost my CroJo. My stash had been packed away for a couple of months and I really wanted to motivate myself to crochet again when it was unpacked. I was blown away by the response to Crovember 2019 and definitely got my CroJo back. I hope that Crovember 2020 will be just as fun and inspirational.

How do I join in?

If you want to play along during Crovember 2020 you will be more than welcome! There is no need to sign up but if you want to say hi over on the gram or here, please do!

I share my posts on Instagram. If you prefer to use Twitter or Facebook that is also fine. Just tag your post #Crovember2020 so that we can find you!

What do I have to do?

There is absolutely no pressure to post every day. If you miss a couple of days, or have nothing to post for that prompt, that is totally OK. Crovember is just a bit of fun, and an opportunity to share our love of crochet.

All I ask is that you have a look at the other Crovember 2020 posts, leave some comments, share some love, be inspired. That’s it!

What are the prompts?

Next week I will be posting prompts for each day, so that you can start to plan. If you want to have an idea of what sort of thing, you can see the 2019 prompts here, or have a look at Crovember tag on instagram.

I’m so excited about that I might just pop! It’s time to start dusting off the hooks, digging out the yarn and maybe, just maybe, digging out some of those WIPs!

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