Crovember 2021

Autumn is very definitely with us here in the UK. I love every season, but I think autumn might actually be my favourite. Crisp sunny days, blankets, fires, Strictly. What’s not to like? Plus, for the last couple of years autumn has also included Crovember. Even better.

Crovember 2021 written over a yellow ball of yarn

What is Crovember?

What is Crovember, I hear you say? Well, quite simply it is a whole month (November) to celebrate the wonderful thing that is crochet. I started Crovember a couple of years ago to help motivate me and to get my cro-jo back. It blew my mind that other people wanted to play along too. I have found some great inspiration and new insta friends through Crovember, and I am so excited to be doing it again this year.

How do I join in?

Joining in is super easy. All you have to do is share an image of something based on the daily prompt. (Just make sure the image is yours, and you have the right to share it.) I share my posts on instagram, but you can share them wherever you feel comfortable. I’m also on twitter, Facebook and even tiktok! Wherever you post make sure you use the hashtag #Crovember so that I can find you!

You don’t need to sign up, and there is absolutely no pressure to post every day (unless you’re me). If you don’t like a prompt or have nothing to share that day, that is totally fine. The only rule is that you share the crochet love and support other Crovemberers with a like and a comment.

Where are the prompts?

On Monday I’ll be posting the prompts so that you can have time to plan if you want to. You can get an idea of what we get up to by searching the Crovember tag on instagram.

So it’s time to dust off those hooks, finish off the WIPs and darn in those ends. Crovember 2021 is coming!

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