January In Blanket Form

After approximately eleven years, January is finally over. What a month it has been: full national lockdown (again) and homeschooling on top of what is already January. Gah.

I have always known that sewing and crochet are good for my mental health, and the last month has just confirmed it. I am so glad that I decided to do my sky blanket this year. It has been good for me to have to sit down each day, even for just a few minutes, and do some calming crochet. And after 31 days it is time to present to you: January In Blanket Form.

Predictably January got off to a grey start, and mostly carried on that way. Luckily I have several shades of grey in my stash.

A grey granny square to start January in blanket form

The grey days meant that I looked harder for something else each day. Occasionally there was a spectacular sunrise or sunset to bookend the grey.

Granny squares in shades of grey, pink and blue to represent the sky during January
The first ten days of January in blanket form

We have chickens who need letting out at dawn, so I have seen some beautiful skies first thing in the morning before the grey sets in. We’ve also had snow (that meant a sparkly white square) and quite a lot of rain.

January in blanket form: a granny square made using grey yarn with sequins on to represent the rain
Rain is prettier when represented in yarn

My favourite sky during January was on the 29th. It would have been my mum’s 70th birthday, but sadly she died almost eight years ago. Since she died, rainbows have become associated with her in our family. On her birthday we had two beautiful rainbows and it couldn’t have been a more perfect sky for her.

A granny square made with rainbow yarn as part of Rosie's January in blanket form

So here we have January in blanket form.

I have decided to do 18 x 20 squares (360) with the last five days represented by five rounds of border. This means that the second row is almost complete and that the blanket will take shape pretty quickly.

January in blanket form: a collection of granny squares inspired by the sky each day in January

I’m loving the randomness of the colours and cannot wait to see what February brings. Hopefully some sunshine and signs of spring.

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