Sky Blanket

The other day I dusted off an old WIP. I have been missing making my lockdown blanket in the evenings, and wanted something easy to occupy my hands. After months (possibly at least 12…) of neglect I reached for my Sky Blanket.

This blanket was started in 2016, and each stripe represents one day. The colours were chosen by the colour of the sky each day.

A striped crochet blanket where each row is based on the colour of the sky each day.

I had forgotten quite how lovely the colours are together, and the repetitive treble stitch is exactly what I have been missing.

Unfortunately, Past Me thought it was a good idea to chain 400 to start, so each row takes FOREVER. This may or may not be why it is still a WIP. Stupid Past Me.

Luckily, I wrote down the colours each day throughout the year, so I can carry on with this blanket even four years later. At the time of writing I am up to March 18th. If we’re lucky, I may have it finished by 2026.

Even though this blanket is far from finished, I am beginning to think I might make another Sky Blanket for 2021. My lockdown blanket will forever remind me of the year everything stopped. I like the idea of having one to represent a more positive year. Hopefully.

I have loads of yarn in my stash already, so this project will be a great way of using up some yarn and creating some space for more in the office. This time I definitely won’t be chaining so many to start with – I have the beginnings of a plan, but will share that when I have decided for sure.

Join me making a Sky Blanket 2021

Making a sky blanket lends itself to any fibre or textile craft, so if you fancy joining me making one in 2021 I would be so thrilled. You could knit, crochet, weave, quilt – quite literally anything! Let me know if you’re planning to join in, either in the comment below or over on instagram.

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