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me made may week two

It’s time for a round up of my Me Made May week two. I am loving this challenge, and am really quite proud of how many me made items I actually have in my wardrobe. After my minor blip in week one, I have been determined not to repeat that this week. Read on to see how Me Made May week two has gone…

Monday 7th May

Me Made May Rosie and Bright

This t shirt is another Kirsten Kimono Tee made from the same fabric as my coco top that I wore last week.

Tuesday 8th May

Me Made May Rosie and Bright

I made this Mortmain dress about three years ago. It’s such a lovely pattern and something I wear a LOT. I have another one that has been waiting to be hemmed for a couple of years. I really must get on and do it.

Wednesday 9th May

Yet another Kirsten Kimono. This was in fact the first ever item of clothing I made myself. It is far from perfect, but I learned a lot making it. Plus, the stripes match perfectly.

Thursday 10th MayMe Made May Rosie and BrightThis tunic top was made from a pattern from the original Great British Sewing Bee book. I’m so excited that the sewing bee is coming back! I’m hoping that I will learn a lot and be inspired to make even more. 

Friday 11th May

Me Made May Rosie and Bright

Today was a bit of a grey day, so it was back to my Hot Coffee hoody. It is so comfy and I love it. My overlocker is still in hospital, but I am itching to make my next one of these. Hopefully next week I’ll be able to show you.

Saturday 12th May

Me Made May Rosie and Bright

Finished at 2am on Saturday after an evening sewing and drinking wine with friends (such a cool way to spend a Friday evening!) this Cleo pinafore from Tilly and the buttons was done in time to wear to my eight year old’s birthday party. Yay! The fabric was in the sea salt sale and I have loads left. Expect to see it crop up again…

Sunday 13th May 

Me Made May Rosie and BrightThis Kirsten Kimono tee is rapidly becoming my favourite. I mean, ducks on duck egg blue – what’s not to like? Although I am starting to think I should probably branch out with my t-shirt making. Can anyone recommend a good pattern?

So, Me Made May week two has been a big success. I have fabric cut ready and waiting for the longed for return of my overlocker. Hopefully Me Made May week three will include some new items. *crosses everything*

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