me made may 2018

Recently, thanks to a friend inspiring me with her makes, I have been getting back into sewing. I’d forgotten how much fun it is to wear something I have made, and just how quickly sewing projects are finished. I mean, I do love my crochet, but sometimes being able to start and finish a project in the same day is just brilliant. In the last week I have added two items to my wardrobe and have plans for more, which is why I have decided to sign up for Me Made May 2018.

I’ve pledged to try and wear something made by me each day of May. I’m hoping that this will spur me on to dig out the me made clothes that I already have, and make some new ones! I was on a bit of a roll last week and have added a t-shirt and almost a hoody to my wardrobe. I say “almost a hoody” because my overlocker met with a slight accident (think pin, snap, BANG, chew all the fabric) and has had to go to the repair shop. My hoody will have to wait a couple of weeks for its cuffs and waist band.

poor overlocker, get well soon

BUT, my sewing machine is still fighting fit, and I have fabric and patterns and motivation. I just have to fit it around my mum jobs and my etsy store, but hopefully I’ll be adding to my wardrobe over the next few weeks. I won’t bore you with daily updates, but I’m fairly confident I’ll manage a weekly update of my Me Made May 2018 challenge.

If you’d like to sign up to Me Made May 2018, head over to So, Zo what do you know for more details.


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