February Stitch Journal

I have had so many ideas for blog posts over the last few weeks, yet spectacularly failed to write any of them. Hopefully I will get some time in the next couple of weeks to share what I have been up to, because a lot has been made since my last post a month ago. But for now, as we are already a week into March, I figured I should probably share my February stitch journal.

Rosie's February stitch journal

February’s stitches are:

  • Egg – our chickens started laying again after a long hard moult
  • Crown – for the Queen reaching 70 years on the throne
  • Spider web – we went to watch Spiderman at the cinema
  • 14 – our eldest turned 14
  • Comedy/Tragedy masks – we went to watch our youngest in her school show
  • Heart – Valentines day
  • Tate Modern – we went to see the flying robots
  • Sunshine – the first day of February was sunny and promised spring
  • Windsock – for the mad week of multiple storms

I am loving doing the stitching, and I can definitely feel myself getting better and neater. I chose to use one thread colour per month, to match the background on the phenology wheel. It looks good, but it is proving hard to add detail. Hopefully this will get easier as I learn new stitches and get more confident.

While doing my February stitch journal my hoop started to lose its grip on the fabric, and I cannot get it to stay taut. Before I start stitching March I am going to try wrapping the inner hoop with fabric to see if that helps. Any tips or advice would be gratefully received!

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