crochet basket

I’ve had some t-shirt yarn in my stash for a while now, just waiting for the right project to come along. And then, just like that, inspiration struck the other day. The dog needed a new basket for his growing collection of toys so I decided to crochet a basket.

crochet basket

You can use any yarn, but the chunkier the yarn the sturdier the basket. I used a 12mm hook and t-shirt yarn which meant that this crochet basket pattern works up really quickly. The t-shirt yarn makes a really sturdy basket that can be picked up and carried without sagging.

I’ve made a couple of smaller baskets from chunky yarn, which would look good on shelves or a dressing table.

crochet basket chunky yarn

I have a selection of baskets available in my etsy store, or if you’d like me to make one in a specific size or colour get in touch here.

Alternatively, if you’d like to make your own, here is the pattern. Don’t forget to tag me when you’ve finished, I’d love to see what you make!

Crochet Basket

What you need:

Yarn of your choice

Appropriate sized hook

Darning needle



This pattern is written using UK terms.

Ch = Chain

DC = Double Crochet

HTC = Half Treble Crochet

SS = Slip Stitch

BL = Back Loop

Crochet Basket Pattern

In each round, the initial chain counts as the first HTC. In each round repeat *…* until end of round

Ch 4. Join to make a loop.

Round 1: Ch1, 7 DC in loop. Join to Ch with SS. If you find that the centre hole is too big, pull on the tail of the yarn to close it slightly.

Round 2: Ch 2, HTC in same stitch. 2HTC in each stitch around. Join with SS.

Round 3: Ch2, HTC in same stitch, HTC in next stitch, *2HTC, HTC*, join with SS

Round 4: Ch2, HTC in same stitch, HTC in next 2 stitches, *2HTC, HTC in next 2*, join with SS

Round 5: Ch2, HTC in same stitch, HTC in next 3 stitches, *2HTC, HTC in next 3*, join with SS

Round 6: Ch2, HTC in same stitch, HTC in next 4 stitches, *2HTC, HTC in next 4*, join with SS

Repeat in the same increase pattern until your basket base is as wide as you want it. 

Round 7: Ch 1, DC in BL of each stitch, join with SS

Round 8: Ch2, HTC in next stitch, HTC in each stitch around, join with SS

Repeat round 8 until basket is the required height.

Weave in ends.

Fill basket with whatever you like!

crochet basket






  • Lucy


    I was just wondering – what is the size of this basket? It looks really great but I just want to make sure it’s going to be big enough for all the toys I have to put inside!


    • rosie

      Hi, sorry I’ve only just seen your comment :/
      The basket can be as big as you want it to be, just increase in the same pattern to make the bottom as wide as you want it and then crochet the sides as high as you want them!
      Let me know how you get on 🙂

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