Sunburst Granny Blanket

Last Saturday was Granny Square Day which is one of my favourite Instagram days. If you are unfamiliar with it, people post a photo of a granny square they have made to make a giant virtual granny square blanket. It is what instagram was designed for. You can see this year’s by clicking on #GrannySquareDay2020. The obvious choice for my entry would be my Lockdown Blanket but I am still miffed that the yarn is currently out of stock everywhere. Instead I decided to dig out my sunburst granny blanket.

a bag of yarn and crochet circles waiting to be transformed into a sunburst granny blanket
look at all those ends *sob*

When I say “blanket”, I actually mean pile of circles at various stages of readiness. Some have just one round, some have all three. Some have the ends woven in, most don’t.

a selection of crochet circles needing their ends weaving in before becoming a sunburst granny blanket

I am ashamed to say that I started this project in 2015, and probably haven’t touched it since 2016. What can I say? I am a Crafter, and it is part of the job description to have eleventy four WIPs on the go at any one time. Ask anyone.

I started with the circles that had already had their ends darned in so as not to put myself off before I even start. I hate weaving in ends. This may explain why this project has been on the shelf for four years.

crochet circles ready to be made into squares for a sunburst granny blanket
A crochet square, blue centre, yellow and red with a white border ready for a sunburst granny blanket

I have completed 24 squares and my sunburst granny blanket is starting to take shape. It looks lovely and I am now motivated to get this WIP done. I have decided to work a row at a time, doing the ends, making the squares and joining so it should grow slowly and steadily. That’s the plan anyway.

If we are lucky, it may even be done in time for Granny Square Day 2021 2025.

The beginnings of a sunburst granny blanket. Blue, red and yellow granny squares with white borders

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