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When we bought our house six and a half years ago, there was a funny room outside the bathroom that was described as an office. During the six and a half years that we have lived here, it has been used as a storage room for all the stuff we didn’t know where to put/needed to sort. In short, a dumping ground.

When Rosie and Bright started earlier this year, I had a brainwave. Why not stop using the space as a dumping ground and turn it back into an office/sewing room?


It has taken a long time to get from Brainwave to Completed Room, mostly because we’d kinda promised the kids we would decorate their bedrooms, so we had to do them first.

It was definitely worth waiting for though. Rosie and Bright HQ is now officially up and running.

Rosie and Bright HQ

Rosie and Bright HQ

Rosie and Bright HQ

Rosie and Bright HQ

My yarn and fabric stash is slowly migrating down the stairs from our bedroom to it’s new official home. My sewing machine finally has an official space.

Rosie and Bright HQ

I even have a desk/sewing table. It’s one that can be raised and lowered as required, perfect for when I need a cutting table. The dog has a bed under it and it is our new favourite place to hang out during the day.

Rosie and Bright HQ

To celebrate the completion of Rosie and Bright HQ, there is free shipping on any item in the store until 9th October 2016. Simply use the code NEWHQ at the checkout.


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